Hello, I’m Laure

A Certified Executive Coach

What I do

I typically support and challenge people in the professional services industries, from senior partners to new associates, and have also coached lab directors, entrepreneurs, middle managers… I show up with curiosity and aim to build a trust-based relationship with my unique clients.

No matter where you are on your professional journey, I will meet you there.

We’ll connect regularly as you engage in a thought-provoking self-reflection journey. By slowing down and looking at your inner working processes, I can help you create and develop goals, and carry out a plan for achieving those goals.

Some of the challenges you might want to cover during coaching with me can include:

Feeling stuck in the day-to-day, unable to be more strategic and big picture

Reacting in an overly emotional way or to the contrary, reacting with low EQ, and therefore having a hard time navigating situational sensitivities
Feeling lost and uncertain as to your true professional motivators and what is next for you
Experiencing professional defeat, exhaustion or even boredom

Fearing change and uncertainty about the future, in your current organization or as you start a new professional chapter

What are the results

Thanks to coaching, you should be able to see some positive outcomes such as:

Stronger introspection and self-awareness, plus a clearer understanding of how you show up and your impact

More courage and self-confidence when having difficult conversations or making tough decisions

Less bias and propensity to act out of habit, thereby increasing your objectivity

Shifts in the outside world further to your inner development such as more stable interactions, positive recognition of your change
A feeling of serenity, enthusiasm for what’s next

Drop me a note if you are curious or want to discuss your unique situation!

What clients say about me

Laure helped me have breakthroughs I desperately needed for my career advancement, that I was not able to get with any other coach. She was not only able to help me get to the right reflections and insights about myself, but also helped me create a tangible action plan that felt realistic and achievable.

Associate Partner

Consulting Firm

Enlisting Laure’s expertise as a business coach was a transformative decision. Her thoughtfulness and strategic guidance provided a catalyst for my professional growth where I had previously been stagnant. It didn’t take long for me to trust Laure. With her insights on leadership, she came alongside me to lead my company down a path where I was able to foster new growth and innovative strategies that have continued to fuel our success story.
Business Owner and Entrepreneur,

3D printing industry

From the start, Laure really helped me understand how I could get the most out of coaching. Our sessions gave me space to stop and think through where I am now, what I value, and how I can grow in a way that reflects my values.

Climate Adaptation Center

Through coaching I’ve assisted clients to:

Become more strategic and effective leaders

Uncover their blind spots and an understanding of their true motivators

Deploy their EQ and build a stronger ability to react to situational sensitivities, with the possibility of grounding this reflection in a 360 feedback process

Build and deploy resilience and grit

Navigate change with confidence

Craft their next career move

Determine their vision and mission

Who I am

You might be curious and wonder what I’m all about ! After completing a B.A. in Political Science at McGill University and law degrees at the University of Ottawa and at Université de Montréal, I started my career as a litigator at McCarthy Tétrault, a Canadian top-tier law firm. I specialised in class actions and medical malpractice. In 2013, I transitioned into the role of Professional Resources Director in that same firm and focussed on the growth and development of lawyers and law students. In addition to coaching, I ran performance reviews, recruitment, and a myriad of other projects related to talent.

In 2021, I became a Professional Development Manager at McKinsey & Company where I led people initiatives for the Montreal office. I coached consultants (from business analysts to senior partners) on a variety of topics (promotions and transitions, imposter syndrome, absorbing feedback after reviews, stress and energy management, personal leaves etc). I’m a champion of transparency and clarity and conducted 360 feedbacks to help folks understand the impact of their behavior and set goals to change. I also led the maternity leave program for Canada and coached women on off-boarding and reintegration. Finally, I coached teams kicking-off client engagements and helped them realign and reconnect when dynamics became challenging.

If any of this resonates and you’d like to consider coaching, drop me a line!

A few more (super fun) things : Bonjour! I live in Montréal with my husband and daughter and work seamlessly in French and English. I am an avid hiker and have walked over 400 km in France (there may have been wine involved). To survive Quebec’s winters, I ski every weekend and would be happy to coach you on your turns – I am a certified ski coach and ski instructor, plus I did a ton of ski racing when I was younger. If I’m not on the hills, you’ll find me walking or running in Westmount and NDG in my spare time.

Who I help

From senior partners to new associates, to lab directors to entrepreneurs and middle managers, I show up with curiosity and aim to build a trust-based relationship for my unique clients. No matter where you are on your professional journey, I will meet you there.

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Whether you are looking for coaching for yourself or someone in your organization, drop me a line.

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