Hello, I’m Laure

A Certified Executive Coach

What I do as a Coach

I help people overcome work challenges and unlock their full potential. How? Through regular meetings over a 6 to 8 month period, I’ll lead you on a thought-provoking self-reflection journey.

Together, we’ll aim to expose and understand your inner working processes and habits. We’ll uncover insights, and set growth-oriented goals.

With over 10 years of experience in talent management and certification from the International Coaching Federation, my coaching empowers you to overcome obstacles.

Areas you might want to address with me could be:

Clearing out daily stagnation or distractions to make room for strategic thinking
Navigating sensitive situations with emotional intelligence
Clarifying professional motivators and next steps
Overcoming stressors such as a professional setback, performance anxiety or imposter syndrome
Embracing change and uncertainty with confidence
I work directly with individuals and also collaborate with organizations to help team members address feedback they’ve received, and support colleagues in their growth. My clientele spans professional services, from senior partners to new associates, and diverse roles like lab directors, managers and entrepreneurs.
Wherever you stand in your career journey, I’m here for you.

What are the results

The coaching process yields exciting outcomes and you should feel more equipped to navigate the challenging situation or headspace you are in. The benefits of becoming “unstuck” manifest in various ways:
Enhanced introspection and self-awareness, fostering a clearer grasp of your leadership, presence and influence
Heightened courage and self-assurance for tough conversations and decisions
Reduced biases and habitual reactions, fostering greater objectivity
Transformed external circumstances due to your internal growth, leading to improved interactions and recognition of your changes
A sense of tranquility and eagerness for what lies ahead

Drop me a note if you are curious or want to discuss your unique situation!

What clients say about me

Laure helped me have breakthroughs I desperately needed for my career advancement, that I was not able to get with any other coach. She was not only able to help me get to the right reflections and insights about myself, but also helped me create a tangible action plan that felt realistic and achievable.
Associate Partner

Consulting Firm

From the start, Laure really helped me understand how I could get the most out of coaching. Our sessions gave me space to stop and think through where I am now, what I value, and how I can grow in a way that reflects my values.

Climate Adaptation Center

At a time when a promotion was on the line, Laure equipped me with the tools to navigate multiple delicate situations with confidence and poise. She helped me reframe and figure out clear next steps. Her unique blend of intuitive insight and ability to help me come up with an actionable plan sets her apart, and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone facing a complex professional challenge or transition.
Engagement Manager

Consulting Firm

Enlisting Laure’s expertise as a business coach was a transformative decision. Her thoughtfulness and strategic guidance provided a catalyst for my professional growth where I had previously been stagnant. It didn’t take long for me to trust Laure. With her insights on leadership, she came alongside me to lead my company down a path where I was able to foster new growth and innovative strategies that have continued to fuel our success story.
Business Owner and Entrepreneur

3D printing industry

Laure has supported and guided me since the very beginning of my career as a business lawyer. With her pragmatic approach, deep listening skills and emotional intelligence, she quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation, asks enlightening questions and helps me come up with the tools and techniques I need to overcome challenges and grow. Thanks to Laure, I am more aware of my interests and values. I can make, and take responsibility for, important decisions that have a positive impact professionally and personally. Working with Laure has been an extremely rewarding experience so far.
Senior Associate

Law Firm

Who I am

After earning a B.A. in Political Science at McGill University and law degrees from the University of Ottawa and Université de Montréal, I started my career as a litigator at McCarthy Tétrault, a top Canadian law firm. I specialised in class actions and medical malpractice.

In 2013, I assumed the role of Professional Resources Director at McCarthy Tétrault. I concentrated on nurturing the professional growth of lawyers and law students and led a myriad of projects related to talent progression and retention. I also led the student recruitment process in Quebec as well as performance evaluations.

In 2021, I became a Professional Development Manager at McKinsey & Company where I was responsible for people initiatives for the Montreal office. I coached consultants across all levels on a variety of topics such as promotions, imposter syndrome, feedback absorption, stress management, leaves, and transitions. A champion of transparency and clarity, I conducted 360 feedbacks to help folks understand the impact of their behaviour and set goals to change. I also led the maternity leave program for Canada and coached women on off-boarding and reintegration. As a team coach, I assisted colleagues in kicking-off client engagements and realigning during challenges.

At McKinsey, I also co-chaired the Canadian EDI Learning and Skill Building pillar and spearheaded initiatives for the Montreal women’s network and mental health chapter. I co-facilitated week-long training sessions for 150+ participants, delving into emotional intelligence, difficult conversations and personal values.

Based in Montréal with my husband and daughter, I’m fluent in both French and English. A dedicated hiker, I’ve trekked 400+ kms in France. Quebec’s winters find me skiing every weekend: I’m a certified ski coach and instructor. Off the slopes, I’m either browsing at the local library, running & stretching, or hosting dinner parties.

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Whether you are looking for coaching for yourself or someone in your organization, drop me a line and I will answer as soon as possible.
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